When my wife Ruth and I moved from West LA to the burbs of North Texas, we missed the LA food scene. A LOT. So we started recreating the dishes we craved in our own kitchen. But it wasn’t long before we started appreciating the food Texas had to offer as well. 300+ hours of Youtube tutorials later, I convinced my wife to buy a smoker and a Weber grill and well, the rest is history. What I’ve grown to appreciate most about barbecuing is the journey: it starts with choosing the right local butcher and always ends with sharing the spread with family and friends..but you never know what you’ll get in between: all-nighters, hailstorms, the list goes on.



As newlyweds, my wife Esther and I moved to Texas in 2013 from Atlanta and we brought along our Korean southern roots and love of food. I really enjoy taking simple ingredients and creating something delicious out of them. I especially love cooking for our family and friends and seeing how food truly brings people together. Since moving to Dallas, Esther and I have had two daughters and making breakfast all together on Saturday mornings has become one of my favorite traditions. My hope is that this passion project will allow me to share my love of food with others and inspire them to create traditions of their own.